Should I laminate my CDC vaccine card?

Should I laminate my CDC vaccination card?

The answer is not clear Yet !

IDPH says research is still being conducted on the need for a booster dose and more information about documentation will be available when a recommendation is made.

“You may choose to if you would like, but we do not recommend carrying the original around with you,” said Korpics.

While lamination protects the card from the elements, there are blank spaces for potential vaccine boosters, according to Bleasdale.

Alternatives to laminating cards include placing them in Zip lock bags or picture frames, and some web stores have started selling plastic vaccination card protectors.

So there is a question comes in your mind that how do i protect my CDC Vaccination Card, so the answer is you may protect it well by using CDC Vaccine Card Protector !

Conclusion : As the result you don’t need to laminate a CDC Vaccine card, you may use CDC Vaccine Card Protector to protect it well !

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