Where to buy vaccine card holders and why you need it?

Where to buy vaccine card holders and why you need it?

Wallet, Phone, Keys & vaccination card?

This will be happens in the future of travel during the remainder of COVID, as more and more people seek a return to normalcy, get vaccinated and hand over their little, white pass at in-person events.

In order to keep the coveted card safe, some have thought about possibly laminating the card — which sounds like a fine idea, right? Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of the virus, you may want to hold off, as medical personnel may need to make additional markings to your card, or you may need an extra dose down the line and need that recorded on the same card.

Since lamination is out, the next best thing is a special case for your special card. Similar to buying a passport cover or an ID holder, vaccination cards may be used as a form of identification that you’ll want to protect. If not traveling, putting the card in a safe place with other important records is the best idea, with a photo of both the front and back of the card stored on your phone in case you need to show it while out and about.

If you do plan on traveling to a place where a vaccination card is physically requested, we scoured the internet for the best cases with those pesky, oversized dimensions and found a few to check out. See below for our list, from basic plastic covers that get the job done to more fashionable holders to protect your vaccination card in style.

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