Top 10 Weight-Loss Mistakes

Top 10 Weight-Loss Mistakes

In case you’re experiencing difficulty shedding pounds, find out your strategy as you might at fault and making some of these main 10 weight-loss mistakes.

  • Going on a crash diet: Losing weight, gaining it back, losing it again and so on, i.e. Yo-yo dieting is bad for your health. Sudden reduction of food intake slows down the metabolic rate so that your body can store energy more efficiently. And for the same reason, people on diet usually crave sweets like chocolate which gives them a sudden boost to their energy levels and hence weight-loss slows down significantly after the first few days.
  • Being too strict: Do not be too strict with yourself. You can be successful in weight reduction if you follow the rules even 90% of the time. You can chill out, dine out with friends, and have all the “junk” that you want the rest of the time.
  • Not eating enough protein: Losing muscle mass be the cause of slowing down of metabolism after middle age, this can eventually lead to weight gain. Research proves that weight control plans with 50% protein may help.
  • Not getting enough sleep: Not only do we crave unhealthy comfort foods when we’re tired, but our sleep levels are linked to our hormone levels, says Joey Shulman, the Thornhill, Ont.-based author of The Last 15-A Weight-Loss Breakthrough. “People who are sleep-deprived tend to have more secretions of the hormone cortisol, so they’re more stressed out. And that’s going to trigger fat storage as well,” she says. Sleeplessness causes instability in the hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin, which demonstrate if you are hungry or full.
  • Skipping meals: “Skipping meals can have a negative impact on your metabolism,” says Toronto nutritionist Aviva Allen. Rather there is a possibility that your body will start storing extra fat in expectancy of missed meals. Rather than eating less, consume small meals or snacks more frequently like every three hours. It’s recommended not to eat when your metabolism is at its slowest i.e. after seven o’clock at night.
  • Sticking to a boring fitness regime: Sticking with the same fitness routine every day is boring and discouraging. In his first book, 5-Factor Fitness, Hollywood trainer Harley Pasternak recommends a different workout for every day of the week, each focusing on a different body part. You can switch from resistance to cardio training or vary the number of reps you do, varying your routine will not let you get bored.
  • Overindulging on the weekend: Don’t overindulge on weekends, watch your weight daily, and your alcohol intake which provides useless calories. Research has proved that people don’t comprehend that they eat more on weekends when they have a tendency to consume more fat. Those additional calories hinder in losing weight.
  • Slipping back into bad food habits: It’s anything but difficult to get smug when you’ve been eating fewer carbs for some time. On the off chance that you’ve slipped once more into bad eating habits, you might take in enough additional calories to keep yourself from getting in shape. It is recommended to keep a food diary so that you remain aware of your food consumption and hence you are likely to succeed.
  • Keeping a cluttered kitchen: Use counters for food preparation only, not storage (so no cookie jar), advises Peter Walsh, author of Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? He takes a hard line when it comes to visual distractions: “Most kitchens are littered with gadgets, but you can’t make your healthiest food choices in a cluttered, disorganized space. You wouldn’t eat in a messy restaurant, would you?”
  • Being impatient: Don’t be impatient. Keep in mind that you gained this weight in months or years -it’ll take some time to lose it, too. Know that dieters who weight-loss fast are more likely to gain it back soon

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