Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch – Classic Rose Gold

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch - Classic Rose Gold

Samsung Gear S2

Product Description

Make your style statement with the Samsung Gear S2 classic Rose Gold. Genuine Leather, precious metal and exceptional finishes come together to create a sophisticated wearable that goes with anything. The sensitive circular face and bezel let you navigate effortlessly to get to what you need. With access to important notifications at a glance, the head-turning Samsung Gear S2 classic Rose Gold gives you more out of every moment of your day.


Does Everything I Wanted it To Do

Put your phone into “Hands free Mode” it will automatically go into speakerphone when answering calls from your watch, you will be able to talk into the mic on the watch and listen to the caller through your phones speaker (I think it works just as good as having a speaker on your watch, it even works great with your phone in your pocket).

I think Samsung has a great product here to build on, and will be get more successful with it if they concentrate on improving its functionality and its adaptation to third party apps. Developers should recognize that Tizen is starting to gather a following, and getting their app in the gear store might be a little gold mine in its barren early stages.

If your an app hoarder, or everything your phone does, the watch has to mirror, then you better continue on your quest for a perfect smart watch.

If you want a simple, convenient, great looking companion wearable that enhances the functionality of your phone, then I think the S2 is for you. Is it worth your money?, that’s subjective, but it sure is worth mine.


Great Looking and Smooth Operation Watch

I picked this up when I upgraded to the Note 7 and if I ended up staying with that phone then I would have loved to have this watch. The Note 7 paired with the Gear S2 was by far the best looking and functional combination out of all the phone and wearable devices. The operating system is so much smoother and the customization on the devised is so much better that the Apple ones. I feel later on once they work out the issues with the new Note 7 I will be making the change over to the Samsung devices. The watch felt so good compared to the competition, its smooth dial and touch screen functions kill the Apple watch in so many ways. Great product and worth the discount you receive buying it used from the Amazon warehouse. Just know when you are dealing with Amazon you are getting quality service and product.


Wonderful WatchSamsung Gear S2

I have always been on the side that smartwatch are kind of pointless, but after being told my blood pressure was high I needed to keep track of my Fitness on some levels like my walking and my heart rate.
I was trying to get a watch to monitor some stuff for me like my walking my exercise my heart rate and such. This watch turned out to be a great Delight, I had no idea you can receive your text on this watch, see a text, read it, and even respond to it all from the watch this is the Wi-Fi version not the LTE version, the same goes for emails as far as I’m concerned this is better than Fitbit’s best watch because as far as I know on Fitbit you only get notification you cannot see or respond to texts and emails and such, whereas on the S2 you can however I cannot track my weight lifting on this watch, where Fitbit will keep a track of that kind of an exercise, otherwise this watch can do a lot more. I get my ESPN updates and news on my watch, my UFC updates and news a notification from any app on my phone I want on the watch.

For my use with a lot of notification and such like recording my exercises, the battery lasts about almost 2 days which is OK, I have had the watch for about a month now and if anything changes when something breaks or something I like, I will report back here but so far so good very happy only wish Samsung would add the ability to keep track of things like yoga weightlifting and weight training.


Get Notification and Great Watch Faces in Samsung Gear S2

 I ordered the Dark Gray Samsung Gear S2 on October 2, 2015. I own the Samsung Gear Fit and love it. I read the reviews and watched the videos on YouTube. I love the look of the classic but felt the features were more for a man. I have had my watch for over a month and thought this would be a good time to do a review. The watch came with two bands, large and small. I immediately changed the band to small. It was very simple.

Since I was familiar with the functionality of the Samsung Gear Fit, there was a short learning curve. The small watch band fits perfectly. I like the clasp better then the hook on the fit. The circular interface and rotating bezel is very impressive. I downloaded the Samsung Gear app on my Samsung Galaxy 5 phone and paired the watch. I ran the updates after charging the watch on the wireless charging dock.

I like the fact that I can change the watch face on the watch to match most of my outfits or mood. There are many free watch faces in the app store. I can find my phone or find the watch from my phone. I can get a more accurate heart rate because the watch fits my wrist better. The battery life depends on how many notifications I have on. Like Emails, Text, ESPN, NFL, CNN, Facebook, Twitter, Weather, Voice, Calendar, alarm, Incoming calls, Missed calls, etc. You can get notifications for most of the apps on your phone. I have nine notifications checked. I turned off some of the notification so I only have to charge it every two to three days. I love that the watch only displays (comes on) when I turn my wrist, that’s really nice. I hope this review is helpful.

Very Nice Watch

This watch is awesome. The battery life is better than any android wear. You can use this watch for 2 full days and more if u make weaker up gesture off. You can go for 1 full day and more if you open the wake-up gesture or you keep the screen always on. I love this watch because you can switch the language on the watch by change language on your phone, for example, Arabic or Thai or Philippines or English, which is something very awesome.

Battery life is very good the quality is very good and the rotating way to go through the apps is better than any watch I loved it. 

I know many people rate this watch less than 5 stars because there are no speakers. But you have to understand that Samsung has a 3g watch so if u r looking for speakers u can purchase that one.

Critical Reviews

Forget This Watch

This is a hard review to write. I will keep it short. I own the Samsun Gear S and that was a total horror and disappointment for many reasons. But, I got totally excited with the Gear S2 coming out and being a total Gadget Chump, I purchased it the day it became available on AMZ, looking to match it up with my wonderful Note 4. Here is what I hate about this watch:

1. The health tracking is horrible. It does very little and heart rate monitor sucks.
2. The watch freezes up, the applications are mostly useless and it does not integrate into my life whatsoever
3. This OS they use is not Android, it just throws minimal notifications but provides almost nil useful features otherwise
4. Very few watch faces and I have yet to find a truly useful application that works flawlessly or adds real value
5. If you use it quite a bit, the battery drains in less than a day
6. It seems to really not do anything well, has only one alarm

Here is what I like

1. It looks great, feels great and the wheel is good design.
2. It tells time well, but that is about it.

Overall it just does not add any real value to my life or health tracking. Health Tracking software is horrible. The fitness tracking is horrible. The watch just does not provide the value one would expect for the price or the expectation and marketing. This is purely my opinion; and I am sure others see it differently.


  • Looks like a real watch. People are amazed it is a tech watch. Reasonable size.
  • Take a Phone Call, Email, Calendar, Music, Text, Tracks Heart Rate and Steps  Weather, News, Video Games and more can be done with this watch.


  • Samsung Technical support is not knowledgeable about its own product
  • Curiously, the Screen Time-out does not work when the Wake-up Gesture is enabled.


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