Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Gen.) – Mens 46mm, Silver with Silver Metal

Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Gen.) - Mens 46mm, Silver with Silver Metal

Moto 360

Motorolla Moto 360 Product Description

Motorolla MOTO 360 Mens Large, Light metal band


This Product is Awesome

So far this product is awesome! The size is not huge for my wrist and the best thing about it is that it look like a normal watch until a text message or Facebook notification pops up.

I love the style and look of this product. It’s not supposed to be a replacement for your phone it’s supposed to be a great companion for those times when it is inappropriate to just whip out your phone to read a text or check your email or any other notifications for that matter.

It is a great product for the price and if you are like me and are looking for a more classic looking smartwatch then I would highly recommend this!! I also bought a metal band for it because I was drawn to that look but didn’t want to pay the extra money for it to already come with one installed but I was surprised with how good the watch looks with the stock leather band. I now have the option to use both and will use both because they both equally look pleasant to the eye.

It is Fun and Yet Necessary Tool

It is a fun, and yet necessary tool. I like the OK Google function, and the way it vibrates (silently) when an new direction for Navigation is coming, and when my phone rings when I do not have my ringer on my cell.

It connected really quickly to my Nexus 6. I keep track of my steps, and that makes me more aware of keeping healthy, and meeting my daily goals for exercise. Yes, I got the Men’s 42mm size, and I am a woman with large bones, a 7″ wrist (!) and it is a fashion statement for me.

I have always liked men’s watches, they are easier to read for my older eyes, and this new Moto 360 is easy to read, keeps perfect time.

I’ve had it for 9 months and I love this watch

I searched quite a bit for a smaller smartwatch since I have rather petite wrists. This watch fit the bill just right. I’ve had it for 9 months and I love this watch.

I will say that you really need to do your research on what you want out of a smartwatch. You can customize the watch faces, which I love. You can set which apps you want to connect to the watch, so if you don’t want to see text messages or facebook messages, you can turn it off. It is great for fitness in that its heart rate monitor and pedometer work great.
The google command works great. I can say, “What are the movie times for Ghostbusters?” And it will pop up on my watch with the times for the closest theatre.
If you want an extension of your phone – this is perfect but if you want a replacement of your phone – this is not it.
Battery life is great, AFTER you turn off the “always on, but dimmed feature”. You can turn the watch on by moving your wrist or hitting the button. I can get a solid 2 days of battery life before I need to charge.
Also it has a “Find my phone” feature makes your phone ring so you can find it haha. Sounds silly, but I can’t tell you how often I’ve used it!
I would definitely recommend this watch.

Best Smartwatch on the Market

When I saw the new generation Moto 360, it was love at first sight, I had to have it, so I waited for the price to drop a bit and order one.

Setup is easy, all you need to do it get the android wear app on your phone, turn on Bluetooth and pair your device.

I personally would recommend the watchmaker app (Free on Amazon underground!!!) which allows you to design your own watch face; and the Onetouch Keyboard app, which allows you to put a functional keyboard on your watch.
Overall, out of all of the smartwatches I have tried, the sleek look and easy functionality of the Moto 360 has always, by far been my favorite. Would highly recommend anyone looking for a good smartwatch.

Moto 360 is a Big Hit

Ordered a stainless steel band and screen protector from amazon though as Zang wanted a ridiculous $25 just for the screen protector. Just buy a headset.

The Motorola is perfect. Plenty of apps, stylish, fast charging, looks great with the metal or leather bands, and has plenty of apps.

In comparison, the new gear s2 looks cheap, and the I watch (to get a decent looking one) is insanely priced) The moto360 gen2 was the best Balance for me and I compared all of the latest smartwatches.

Critical Reviews

Not Sure This is Legit

I ordered this in January and used it intermittently as it always seemed to freeze up and stop working. I did not use for a month or so and when I thought I would try it again, the unit would not charge nor power up. It was completely dead. I called Motorolla support to see what my options were they asked for the serial number there is not one listed on the packaging NOR the back of the watch as they said there should be. They told me that I would need to contact Amazon to investigate further.


The Moto 360 is one of the classiest smartwatches available without the crazy high price. The fit and size is very close to a modern watch as well, it is not clunky or flashy. Quick texts and emails are pretty easy


This watch is a great extension of your phone, but that is about it. There is no speaker so you cannot make/take calls.. The microphone is housed at the 8o’clock position so it often does not pick up a Google Now prompt. Battery life isn’t that good.


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