Baby Teether Toys

$ 8.33

Baby Teether Toys is perfect for the relief of sore gums and sensory exploration of little ones. This rainbow version of the popular Baby Teether Toys using a combination of durable food grade silicone beads that are non-toxic and resistant to harmful bacteria, together with natural and hardwearing beechwood that provides baby a firm surface to rub against.

01 Snow03 Medium Purple04 Scarlet Red05 Violet Red06 Turquoise07 Deep SkyBlue08 Chartreuse09 Navy10 Smokey Black11Navajo White15 DimGray16 Pink18 Yellow21 Metallic White24Metallic Turquoise26 Metallic Gold29 Lavender33 Cream Yellow34 Navy blue38 Mint Green52 Powder Blue53 Mango54 Peachy55 Oatmeal57 Pastel Blue58 Quartz Pink63 Lilac Purple71 Light GrayABCDEFGhI
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