About Us

Launched in 2015, Rushbazaar is a great platform for shopping. We serve thousands of buyers and suppliers around the globe.

Our Mission
Our mission is to build a bridge between reliable suppliers and customers to provide you with a great shopping experience. We do this by giving suppliers the tools necessary to reach the customers around the world for their products, and by helping buyers find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently.

One-Stop Sourcing
Rusbazaar brings you hundreds of products, including consumer electronics, and gadgets. Suppliers and buyers of these products are located around the world

Anytime, Anywhere
We are here to help you anytime. You can shop late at night or early in the morning as there is no time restriction. Imagine you need a nice dress for a party at weekend, but you have too tight schedule to go shopping. Would you take a day off from work just to go chasing for a dress in the swarmed
shopping centers, searching through endless number of shops for your desired dress? Goodness, and would you happily pay the MRP for something that you could get for lesser price? Is it accurate to say that you will confront such a large number of hardships only for a dress? On the other hand would you like to sit in your aerated and cooled office, work on your tasks, inspire your seniors, and during the lunch break, search through the huge collection of dresses on Rushbazaar. It’s so simple to shop on Rushbazaar! You don't need to roam around like crazy for your shopping needs. Simply wish for something and we will

We assure you about the quality of products you’re buying on Rushbazaar. Together with our trusted partners, we guarantee to deliver authentic products for great price. We only use secure payment modes. If you are not comfortable with online payment methods, you can go for Cash-on Delivery method.

Rushbazaar E-Gift Vouchers
Its your friend’s first wedding anniversary and you don’t know what you should get him as a gift. We understand that people often find themselves in such situations, and that's why we have Rushbazaar E-Gift Vouchers. Rather than buying your friends a gift of your choice and finding out later that he already had it, you could just give him these vouchers that they can redeem on Rushbazaar. So that he could buy something of his choice.