TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio (White/Green)

TomTom Multi-Sport

Whether you’re running, cycling, or swimming, TomTom Multisport has a range of GPS watches and accessories to help you achieve your goals. With the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio, see your detailed workout metrics at-a-glance to stay motivated and reach your activity goals.

tomtom multi-sport

Product Features: 

  • Size (LWH): 4.13 inches, 3.66 inches, 3.66 inches
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion


I Love This Watch

I owned the earlier version of this watch. I switched from Garmin because of the faster GPS hookup, the easy to read screen, and its simplicity. After I lost the first one, I took another look at Garmin and decided to purchase this TomTom Multisport watch for basically the same reasons. I like the new version even better. I got the one with the heart rate monitor connected to the watch. It works – no more chest strap. I hated the chest strap so I didn’t use the heart rate monitor on the older watch very often. It is great to get those readings automatically with every workout. The wrist strap is very comfortable. It actually feels good. I use the watch for biking, running and swimming. It gives me the information I want and much more. The swimming information is especially detailed. For biking and running, I mainly care about speed/pace, distance, time duration, and heart rate. The watch shows three items at a glance which you can change depending on the routine. Switching the main view to check on other items like the time, average
speed/pace, etc is very easy The watch stays charged during the day when not in use. I have gone on bike rides lasting longer than 6 hours with no battery issues. I very much recommend this watch.

Love the Watch

The TomTom multi-sport Runner Cardio is a great running partner. I recently recorded my 100th mile with this watch, and have been extremely pleased. If you are a distance runner looking for a high-quality watch that won’t break the bank, the TomTom Runner Cardio is an excellent option.

As a distance runner on a budget, I was looking for a running watch with these qualities:

• Records pace, time, distance, and heart rate
• User-friendly
• Versatile style to wear both while running and during the day
• Middle-range price

After 100 miles, the Runner Cardio has met and exceeded my expectations
pertaining to these qualities:

User-friendliness: This watch makes it simple to start, pause, or stop a run, and won’t accidentally pause or stop mid-run. I live in rural Iowa, and the GPS picks up my location quickly, usually in under two minutes. The display has multiple options that are easy to see and change while running. During dark runs, one quick tap will light the screen and make it easy to read. The battery life is great! I usually charge mine once every 3-5 days.

Records distance, time, pace and heart rate: These features have help me improve my stamina and speed. I use the heart rate monitor a lot as it is an excellent bonus. There is an option to choose any combination of the three features to display while running. Recording data post-run is easy; download the TomTom Multi-Sport MySports App, turn on Bluetooth, and turn on the phone sync on the watch. I have to re-sync my watch to my phone for each download, but it only takes a second or two. The MySports App is easy to use and has a lot of great features.

Versatile style:

You can wear this watch while running and also use it as everyday
wear. It fits my small wrists well even though it’s a little bulky. The fact that it is waterproof makes it easy to wear anywhere: With my watch on, I have showered and swam both. The white band cleans easily and stays looking nice.
Middle-range price: As a runner on a budget, the $200-$400+ watches are not an option, but I honestly don’t need any more features than the TomTom Runner Cardio offers. This watch’s combination of features and price outdid others on the market, especially when compared to others with heart rate monitors. I am extremely happy with this watch and would definitely recommend it to my running friends! If you are a distance runner on a budget, this watch is for you!

Highly Recommend This Watch

I love this watch. This was my first fitness watch. I took an honest look at how I would use my watch, not just the cool features (like sleep monitoring)… and I really only wanted a watch to wear during triathlon training and workouts, not all day long.

I ultimately chose this one because it offers heart rate at the wrist and you can swim with it. I am super happy with this. Good swim lap counter, the cycling function is very accurate, GPS signal picks up quickly, heart rate monitor works and even reads fairly accurately when I’m doing intervals, and the computer software is easy to read and use post-workout. Battery life is a little better than I expected.

Overall, this watch does what I need it to do, and at the price I paid, I don’t feel guilty taking it off and leaving it on the counter in between workouts.

I Love This Watch

I love this watch! I have owned the Nike TomTom Multi-Sport watch as well as several Garmins over the years. The heart-rate monitor is not exactly 100% accurate but it gives me a really good ball-park on how I am doing during my workout. After reading some of the reviews, I expected the heart-rate function to stop working as well the more sweaty I was. I haven’t found that to be the case, but maybe I just have rose-colored glasses on.

Great Runner Watch

I have TomTom Multi-Sport Runner and it works very well. so I decided to get the cardio version. I wasn’t disappointed. It tracks my distance, pace, time, location, and heart rate during my runs and walks. The heart rate monitor gives crazy readings for the first few minutes until I get warmed up. After that, it seems to be right on the money. After my run, I download the info and it tells me how long I was in each heart rate zone. It tracks my HR all through the run and displays it as a graph alongside the other measurements. Great runners watch!

Great Training Partner

I got one two years ago when this model first launched and available in Hong Kong when I started to run and train seriously. That one still works fine and has no significant problem at all. I do recommend it to my friends who run and get a newer model. It is a reliable partner for my run and its GPS is so fast that no other GPS watch can compete with it. Its heart rate sensor is good and accurate most of the time, which comes with the watch itself and I don’t need another heart rate sensor on my chest. I just like it so much that I afraid I will lost it one day, and therefore I get an extra one as back up with great price (US$95 now on Amazon US).

Critical Reviews

Intermittent Heart Rate and GPS

On six total runs, the heart rate monitor only worked twice. Heart rate monitoring was working up to the point I would start sweating…usually mile 2-3, at which point it would stop working. Sometimes it would come back when I repositioned/wiped the sweat away, but it usually didn’t. I really wanted this watch to work. The idea of not having to wear a chest HR strap is great, but this watch isn’t the answer. Perhaps a firmware/software update will be released to fix the HR problems, but until then, avoid this watch.

I contacted TomTom’s support page and got no response after two days. A watch that doesn’t work as advertised and a lack of support equals me returning this watch and going with another proven brand. Let me know when you work out the bugs because I really want this to work.


Heart rate data is consistent and relatively accurate. All the set-ups you can do for intervals, laps, metrics, heart rate zones, etc are great and work well.


The TomTom “mysports” web application is crap. Also, the mysports site doesn’t always function correctly.


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