The benefits of raised feeders for cats

The benefits of raised feeders for cats

You may have noticed that raised feeders for cats are becoming more popular in pet stores. When you observe your cat eating form a bowl on the floor, it may seem like there is little reason to have a raised feeder. Others may think raised cat food bowls are simply more aesthetically pleasing because they often have interesting designs. However, the trend for elevating your cat’s food dish may be more important than we first think.

You may ask yourself, should my cat’s food bowl be raised? you got answers that it should be elevated off the ground and explains why by revealing the benefits of raised cat feeders.

Elevated cat food bowls are becoming an increasingly trending option. But is it really benefit for using elevated bowls? Should Cats Eat from Elevated Bowls?

When we search for the facts, we came to know the answer is clear – YES!

List to check when choosing the best raised feeders for your cat

Now we are going to explain the reasons for raising your cat’s feeder, we need to know it is not the only consideration we need to make. Each cat has their own characteristics, needs, personality and preferences, all of which can affect the accessories you buy for them. This is why it is important for feline guardians to get to know the personality and behaviors of their cat before choosing toys and accessories.

To choose the most suitable cat feeder for yours, keep in mind the following:

Size and age of your cat

Essentially, the size and depth of the dish will correspond to the cat’s physique and the amount of food and water they will need. All accessories and toys should be appropriate for the size and age of the cat.

If you have a large cat, their ideal food bowl will be larger than most, since cat feeders are usually designed for smaller animals. In terms of age, a kitten will need’s smaller and shallower dish to eat from it happily.

Cat diet

You should also consider the type of cat food when your cat will eat. Cat food is generally not very large in size and fits inside the bowl. However, a diet based on the consumption of raw animal-based food, you will likely need a larger bowl to contain the more food.

Short Snout

As some of the cat’s are known for having a short snout, With these cats, we recommend a shallow feeder, with a concave shape and a wider opening. Narrow food bowls are often very uncomfortable for these cat breeds as they can put pressure on the cat’s head when eating.

Material of Cat feeder

We recommend giving your cat a food bowl or feeder made out of rigid materials with impermeable surfaces. These products last longer, are easier to clean and have other benefits for the cat. Although Plastic food bowls are cheaper and also easy to wash, they can absorb odors and cause irritation to the cat. If you notice your cat has black spots on their chin, this may be due to the material of their feeder.

Although Polycarbonate is FDA approved, there has been ongoing concern about the health effects of bisphenol A (BPA)—a key component in the manufacture of polycarbonate. Currently, the FDA states that very low levels of BPA are safe in food applications. They are usually best since they are easy to maintain and shouldn’t cause health problems for the cat.

Advantages of raising a cat's feeder

After you know these basic tips, now we are ready to discuss the benefits of raised feeders for cats. These are benefits which may not seem as obvious at the beginning, but once you consider the affect eating from a low position has on a cat’s well-being, you can see why raising their feeder is beneficial. The main benefits of elevating a cat’s food and drink bowls are because it helps :

Encourages Healthy Eating

Elevated cat bowls help to alleviate these issues by cutting the cause, your cat will then stop associating eating and drinking with pain. This will encourage them to eat and drink until they are full, rather than until they can’t take the discomfort anymore. It helps your cat consume the correct nutrients is central to their overall wellbeing.

They need these nutrients so that they can be delivered to their body to help them grow, provide them with energy, and give them the strength to fight off any infection. By elevating your cat’s bowls, you’re also elevating their wellness through promoting healthy eating.

As cats are naughty, most of then will not eat from a food bowl at ground level because the pain and discomfort it causes them, such as a stiffness in neck, back pain, indigestion, and bloating, puts them off. They would rather not eat and drink than be in discomfort! Therefore, many cats will under-eat or not consume enough water if eating or drinking from ground level.

Prevents Food Contamination

The most important benefit of elevated cat bowls is that it keeps their food away from the dirt found on the ground. This is true even if you have a spotless home, as all dust and dirt will eventually settle on the floor. The closer your cat’s bowls are to the ground, the more likely these foreign bodies will get into your cat’s food and water.

The Food contamination can also be dangerous for your cat. If they end up eating bad germs or bacteria, it can make them sick.

When you are switching to an elevated cat food bowls can help to prevent food contamination as it is further from the ground where the dirt and other contaminants lie. However, using a raised food bowl does not replace the need to wash it after every use, especially if you feed your cat wet food.

Improves Posture

This causes their spine to curve, which over time can result in bad posture. Think of how bad our posture can get if we are hunched over a desk all day! Additionally, your cat’s spine can also start to ache, especially in the lower lumbar region and their neck, similar to how our necks and lower backs hurt after sitting staring at a computer screen for hours on end.

This is the mostly great benefit of using an elevated cat food bowls is that it improves your cat’s posture. Normally, both food and water bowls are placed on the floor. When your cat needs to eat or drink, they will then need to flex their front legs and stretch their necks down towards their bowls.


Helps Reduces Mess

As an owner of cats who are messy eaters will be pleased to hear that elevated cat food and water bowls can reduce the amount of mess made! If your cat’s bowls are raised, it becomes a challenge for your cat to put their paws into their bowl and play with their food or water. This means there will be less water splashed and less food scattered around your cat’s feeding area.

As being harder to dip their paws into, raised cat bowls are also more difficult to tip over entirely. This is again because the height makes it harder for your cat to apply pressure to the edge, causing the bowls to tip over. Ceramic bowls are also great if you’re concerned about mess as the weight also makes moving and tipping the bowls more of a challenge.

Helps Elder Owners

Elevated cat feeding bowls are also best for Elder or disable people, as they help prevent more mess. If your cat does spill food or water from their bowls, the stand holding the bowls will catch it. You can then pick up the feeding station and easily clean it standing up, rather than having to get on all fours to clean up the mess, which could be painful or near-impossible for some older or disabled cat owners.

What to check when Choosing the Best Elevated Cat Bowls?

It is seen that having raised cat bowls comes with a huge range of benefits that aid cat and owner alike. Therefore, yes – you should ideally look at elevating your cat’s Bowl. However, choosing the best elevated cat bowls for you and your cat does require to check some things.

  • A best elevated cat bowls with both practicality and value. heighten the base, reduce compression, protect the cervical vertebra
  • Double bowl design, feeding and water at the same time
  • Environmentally friendly materials, PC resistant material
  • Separation design Easy to clean


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