Teaching Students the importance of Good Posture

Teaching Students the importance of Good Posture

Teaching Students the importance of Good Posture is important. Good posture can increase overall confidence. There are many ways you can teach your Students good posture. Try teaching your kids the benefits of posture, encouraging activities that promote good posture, and altering your school to make sure furniture helps kids sit up straight.

teaching students importance of good posture

Take a moment to look around your classroom. Do you see children hunched over? In the classroom, student frequently lean over their desks.  Children are often seen hunched over their smartphones or tablets sometimes for hours at a time.  It is important to teach children how to maintain good posture at school and in daily life. 

the importance of good posture

Here are some guidelines for you to manage good posture when sitting at a desk.  It can be difficult to follow these suggestions at all times but after you try you will develop better habits.

  • Head position:  Head in neutral position (or slightly forward) and head is in line with the torso
  • Back supported by chair:  Sitting up straight with back supported, body in front of keyboard
  • Elbow position:  Elbows are close to body; angle is open about 90-120 degrees
  • Wrist position:  Wrist is neutral and level with forearms
  • Finger position:  Fingers on home row and curved
  • Hip position:  Hips at about 90 degrees
  • Knee position:  Knees at about 90 degrees
  • Legs:  Legs are not crossed
  • Feet:  Feet are flat on the floor

Teach Kids How to Maintain Good Posture when Exercising

Tell Kids When they are exercising or walking, focus on maintaining an upright posture with their head over their shoulders and over your hips.  Try to prevent their self from leaning your head and neck too far forward or backward.  See the picture below for an example of good posture when exercising .

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