Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom (Volt/Black)

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom (Volt/Black)

Product Description

Nike+ SportWatch Colors available are volt and black


This is my 1st Nike+ SportWatch GPS watch, so I cannot compare it to any others. I like how it looks, a lot of GPS watches are huge and ugly. This one isn’t exactly small, but it’s not that big either. Rather it’s stylish enough to where I wear it as my every day watch. As a watch it rocks, the font for the time is really big and easy to read. It’s not a color screen and I think black and white is actually better. It’s easy to see in the day time, and can be inverted for night time runs. And there’s the back light too.

If you tap the screen the back light turns on which is awesome, except it only stays on for a few seconds. I understand it drains the battery, but I think Nike should add a adjustable back light option in a firmware update. And the band’s built in, and has the USB connector to charge + sync in it. So you’re not going to be able to buy one to make it any bigger. This seems like a big oversight on Nike’s part. I know it’ll probably fit 95% of people, but making it just a bit bigger would mean it would fit everyone. Well, except for Popeye that is.

The top 30’ish% of the screen is for your stat loop, the display options are speed or pace, average pace, distance, time elapsed, lap time, clock, calories & heart rate. You need the Polar Wearlink+ strap to use the heart rate monitor. You can set which you want to display, and set it to either auto cycle, or cycle when you press the button. The bottom portion of the screen’s for the favorite state. Which is any stat from the stat loop, just much bigger, you’re only allowed 1 here, so no looping. A NICE feature is if you have the Wearlink+ you can turn off the GPS and the foot pod and track a non running workout. I used it tonight with my GSP Rushfit, and while I can’t comment on how accurate it is. it told me after my 50 minute workout I had burned 600 calories and had an average hear rate of 138. With the warm up and cool down that sounds about right, if not it’s close enough for me. It’s nice to have all the stats so easily accessible, but at the same time it sort of breaks my heart to see my mile pace in the mid 9’s. I feel fast, but looking at the Nike+ SportWatch and seeing 9:32/m makes me a sad panda. While it’s might not be not slow for some, I want to be running 5-6/m damnit! 😀 I try to run faster, but oddly enough that just make me tired quicker. So I end up having to “walk” part of “run” which leads to a average pace back in the damn 9’s. And that defeats the purpose of running right? FYI: my goal for the end of the year is to be able to run a 5 minute mile. Even if it’s just once I’m good. That’s only about a 50% increase in pace, hell that’s nothing 😀

It takes about 30 seconds for me to get a GPS link, the shoe pod and heart rate monitor just a few seconds. When using the HRM on my jogs I’m getting about the numbers I get at my gym when I run on the treadmill. So I’ll say it does a pretty good job here. The GPS is very accurate, and any runs with it turned on can be viewed on a map on the Nike+ site. I did 2 different runs tonight around my neighborhood and both were accurate mileage wise, and spot on for the route right down to the streets I was running on. It might be off like .03 miles distance wise, but I’m sure this is at worst on par with the Polar/Garmin watches. You also have the Nike shoe pod, if you link both and lose the GPS signal, it will still keep track of your distance. With the GPS on Nike claims 9 hours of run time before you need to recharge, with it off just in watch mode 2 months. Not sure about running with the Pod turned on and GPS disabled. But it should be a lot higher than GPS mode. Since you have to connect it to sync your run data, just leave it connected a few minutes and you’ll be charged up again. 2 hours for a full charge on a USB port, faster if you connect it to a wall plug. Oh and if you turn off the GPS and use the foot pod, you can track your runs on a treadmill, which is pretty cool.

I don’t run on a track (can’t find one locally:( ) but it has a lap feature, you can set it to tap for a new lap, or auto lap every X miles. And it has a run/rest interval setting too. I would use this, and will if I ever find a place with a 1/4 mile track. Also has a stop watch which is useless for me at the moment. But some people will use it. Some of the older reviews on here say it doesn’t have one, and once upon a time it didn’t. But Nike has since released a firmware update that added it. Just like they’re about to release another update that fixes my back light grip. Ok, that last one I just made up 🙁

It stores your last 50 runs, with full stats, and there’s a records section that displays your fastest mile, total distance ran, fastest 5/10k, fastest half/full marathon and longest run. Oh, and fastest kilometer. I’m a stupid American who doesn’t know anything outside of the Imperial system we use (it’s the best!) So this feature is useless to me. But you across the seas people will probably find that useful. And when you set a new record it has a firework display and some retro Atari 2600 beeps to celebrate your achievements. You can also set a “run reminder” which will remind you to run if you haven’t in a while. Nike gives zero indication to how long awhile is though. Something tells me I’ll be finding out as I go thru spells where I just don’t run.

This Nike+ SportWatch does just about everything right, and the price recently dropped $30, which is never a bad thing. But, it probably means Nike’s about to announce the 2nd gen, which will be probably be way better. Hummm, I really really like this watch. It actually has me wanting to get back outside and running again. The Nike+ web site is hit or miss depending on who you talk to. I personally like it, you can view your run history, maps all that. And you can set up goals & enter or even create your own challenges. Sure it could be better, and have more features. But it’s solid and helps motivates me to get out and run more, which is never a bad thing.

Last thing I’ll bring up, the Polar Wearlink+ is real slick if you want heart rate monitoring, it should lead to more accurate calorie results, if that’s something you’re wanting to keep a close eye on. And it’ll help you better stay in a target range where you can burn more calories, but not overdo it. Not oddly enough, I don’t have a problem what-so-ever with overdoing it, but I’m sure some of you could lol.

Decent Choice

I have had this Nike+ SportWatch for two months now. Here are my impressions:

(a) Performance: for the amateur runner, this Nike+ SportWatch is a good starting point. It is very easy to use and the Nike Running software allows the user to follow-up on his/her performance by way of keeping all records as to pace, distance, timing, etc. Needless to say I am, indeed, an amateur runner and this is the first time I have used this type of device so my expectations’ bar is really low. I am pretty sure there are better options and products in the market, but I also believe this is probably one of the best (if not the best) taking into account its price.

(b) Quality: I have read here and there that the quality of the materials is not that good. I have used this watch under rain and in almost any weather and I do not have any complaint as to the quality of the rubber of the wrist band or the Nike+ SportWatch itself.

Great Looking and Works Flawlessly

I waited several weeks, 58 miles, and wearing everyday to review this watch. I was worried about some negative reviews but so far it has surpassed my expectations. The satellite links quickly, heart rate monitor works great, and the shoe pod is a nice backup. I run a lot on treadmills and the shoe pod was a must because I wanted to track my runs indoors as well. The battery life is outstanding (several 9 mile runs and no problem) and if you turn off the GPS you can wear it for days as regular watch. I have average size wrists so it fits right and looks awesome. If you are a big person with large wrists it may be a little snug…if you have tiny wrists it would be difficult to wear it daily. The Nike dashboard is cool and I love all the stats. hard not to like it…we will see about durability but so far so good. If you want a cool looking, functional running watch…don’t wait..get it…I chose the all black model.

You Wont Be Disappointed

March 22 2013 was the date I purchased this watch – it is now August 13, 2016 and about two days ago I ordered another USB cord for it because I’ve lost the original cord that came with the watch. The watch is still working and in great shape. I cracked the glass a little when I dropped it on a wood floor but that wasn’t anything beyond expectation.(happened about a month after I bought it) Definitely get this watch if you want it – it’s worth the cost. For awhile I used Map My Ride on my phone but I have to tell you, I like biking, running, walking WITHOUT my cell phone in tow. This is very good for that kind of escape. Also, the watch will plug directly into a USB hub if you do lose the cord. Anyhow, this thing has been rocking alot now for three years and it’s done one helluva job so far. Hillary/Trump WTF? What happened? Anyhow, Great watch in a world of bad candidates.

Critical Review

Simply Not Sweat proof

After just 1 month watch face fogged up suddenly during a long hot summer cross country team practice in southern CA. Erratic function followed with on/off glitches. Just three days later display went completely black. Recharge and re-download did nothing. Just DIED!! I see other cross country runners have similar complaints about the product especially during this brutal August when sweating is profuse! Clearly water resistance and sweat resistance are serious flaws. Nike seems to know the “fog” problem so i strongly recommend calling Nike at 1-800-379-6453 and arranging an “advanced exchange” if you
Love how this watch works on a good day!!! Definitely a love/hate
Relationship so far! I’m hoping mine was just a lemon —-
but beware there are clear complaints on their own website and Amazon of 2-9 returns for crashing over just
A few months!! Yikes!!!!


  • Battery life: Nike rates it at 9 continuous hours of running which is accurate. Satellite signals are also great.
  • USB: the port is built into the watch band. Simply unsnap the clip. You can plug into your computer to sync your data and a wall USB charger. The nike software will update your account and you can see it on the nike app on your phone.


  • You have to install the Nike plus software on your computer. There’s no easy way to find it. I had to search the Nike plus site and finally found it.


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