Netgear Arlo Q– 1080p HD Security Camera

Netgear Arlo Q– 1080p HD Security Camera

With our netgear , experience a new sense of security with 1080p HD video, night vision and 2-way audio. Arlo Q netgear only alerts you whenever motion or sound is detected and notifies you with instant alerts so you never miss an important moment again and be safe and comfortable in your home.

netgear arlo q 1080

Free Cloud Recordings Included.

Arlo Q comes with FREE 7 days history of cloud recordings and flexible options to upgrade to non-stop continuous cloud recording

Every Angle Covered

With Arlo you can monitor every angle of your home as our camera is super adjustable. Arlo Q netgear is ideal for indoor monitoring of your home, while Arlo Wire-free weatherproof cameras can be placed outdoors  which is ideal for you  to see who’s coming up the driveway, knocking at the door, or out in the yard.

In The Box

  • (2) 1080p HD Security Cameras 
  • (2) Power adapters 
  • (2) USB cables 
  • (2) Wall mount plates 
  • (8) Mounting screws 
  • (2) Arlo window decals 
  • Quick start guide 
  • (7) Days of FREE cloud recordings 

Netgear Features

  • Stream live video 24/7.
  • Watch past recordings in sharp 1080p HD resolution from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet, computer- any gadget!
  • Receive instant alerts on your gadget when ever motion is detected.
  • Wifi range 300 feet line of sight
  • Built in mic and speaker so you don’t even miss any voice from outside.
  • Amazing night vision so you can see clearly even in complete darkness.
  • With 8x zoom, you can see every single detail carefully.
  • Monitor your home as per your schedule.


Great Addition To The Arlo Family

I have been a long time user of Arlo products for sterile home surveillance. Until recently I utilized DropCam for video surveillance inside my home. I was excited to see that Arlo was releasing a product that offered comparable service to DropCam for interior monitoring, which also offered the interactive audio mode. The initial set up process was straight forward.

I have been using Arlo-Q for just under a month now, and am very pleased with the product. I am thrilled to have all of my cameras now displayed in one user friendly App with now service fee!

Wow, Just Wow

After a little more use, still in love. Can’t wait to see the movie Secret Life of Pets, but I’ve discovered mine just snooze all day! They run around for an hour after I leave and wake up an hour before I come home. It’s kind of fun to mess with them and talk over the speakers while I’m at work but I don’t do it too much. They’re cats, they’ll probably knock the camera over if they sense where the noise is coming from. One of the things I really like is that it’s always online if I want to just check in on them. And the motion detectors send me messages if they’re extra active. You can see from the picture that the view is great and would definitely catch video of anyone unwanted coming in but I’m not really worried about that, just an added bonus.

The free 7-day video coverage I think is more than enough for my purposes. My next out of town trip is going to be much more stress free knowing I can check on the cats whenever I need to!

Great Camera

this is basically a Dropcam/Nestcam without the silly yearly payments for the storage. that is exactly why I love this camera – no extra $ to keep it going! Forget Nestcam…this is way better anyway. Plus the Arlo APP is way way better and easier to operate.

Outstanding Quality And System

I could not be happier with both my Arlo Wireless and Arlo Q cameras. I have several of the Netgear Arlo wireless camera’s installed on the outside of my property in locations that power is just not an option. The quality is outstanding compared to other brands I have used in the past and the batteries are still fully charged after 4 months of use. Not having to worry about getting power to them outstanding for the length of battery power they still have. I also have 2 Arlo Q camera’s on the inside since they have easy access the power outlets.

TheArlo Q camera is just easy to use as the wireless ones but has even better quality images. I am amazed how well they do in low light as sometimes the night vision does not even trigger because the images look great as is.

The app is very easy to use and has several custom options on when they are armed or turned off. This system outperforms’ the other guys in my eyes. I would buy things again in a heartbeat.

Buy, Buy, Buy!!

Best camera system! We were hesitant to buy them after seeing the price tag, but we took the leap! I haven’t looked back since. I love how flexible they are for us compared to a regular baby video monitor. We live in a larger house, so it is nice to be able to move the cameras around to see all the kids where ever they may run! We were so impressed we went and bought the Netgear Arlo Q to solve the battery problem. Yes, battery problem. The ONLY complaint I have is the regular Arlo cameras require the most random tiny battery that runs low QUICKLY if you watch the cameras in “live view” often.

The Arlo Q is wall plug in and solved that problem! We placed that camera in the room we use constant viewing in. Take the plunge and purchase this system!


Has Some Really Good Features But Didn’t Meet My Ends

It was not clear on the description that this is an indoor camera only. I wanted to use on my covered front porch where it would be out of the rain/snow. It may have worked there since it would have been protected but I didn’t want to take the chance since I live in a humid area. I wanted to use it to talk to visitors who visit my porch since this has the audio function unlike previous Arlo cameras.

I tested it out using the iPhone app. My voice could be heard okay through the camera speaker when I spoke to the app. But when someone at the camera spoke I could hear very little if anything via the iPhone app.

I know the camera’s microphone did work because I would get “noise” alerts when my kids were loud near the camera. Having this audio function was the reason I didn’t order the previous Arlo and waited for this one.

The camera also seems to lack the sound/motion sensing settings that other cameras have. I would have liked to be able to make the camera less sensitive to triggering alerts in certain areas of the field of view.

Also remember that this is a WIRED camera, not battery like the more popular Arlo camera. Being wired it means installation can be more work – if you want to install in a particular place that isn’t right next to an outlet. With it being wired though, it can power a more powerful camera without having to worry about battery conservation.


  •  1080p video
  •  Mic detects audio well
  •  Infrared night vision instead of a light
  • Great night vision
  • Pricing structure is good


  • Slow
  • Thumbnail shown are often old
  • Uses flash to view cameras on web
  • If the internet goes down, the cameras wont work.
  • 10+ second video play.


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