Nest Cam Security Camera 3 Pack

Nest Cam Security Camera 3 Pack

Nest Cam Security Camera

Product Description:

Nest Cam Security Camera, you can check in — even when you’re out and keep an eye on what’s going on at home. It provided you 24/7 live streaming, and a versatile magnetic stand that lets you put it anywhere. No dead batteries. 

With Nest Aware, you can get a special alert whenever Nest Cam sees a person. It has the capability of saving 10 or 30 days of continuous video history in the cloud. You can find the moment you’re looking for in Sightline by speeding through it.

Product Features: 

  • Alerts on your phone – Get motion and sound alerts so you know if anything happens.
  • 24/7 live video streaming – You can watch your home on your phone in 1080p HD. And control Nest Cam from anywhere.
  • Night Vision done right – Watch the whole room even at night not just a limited spotlight view.
  • Easy, quick setup – Plug in Nest Cam and download the Nest app to get started. No hub needed.
  • Listen and Talk – Hear the baby. Or talk back to get someone’s attention.


Originally bought to use as a baby camera, but we thought it would be funny to see what the dogs did while we were gone so we set it up in the kitchen/living room area.

We actually loved it so much we now have it mounted in one of the corners of the living room so that it covers all the back entrances to the house. Love the added sense of security it gives us. Has notifications that can be turned off/on for sound and activity. Picture is clear and video has been reliable 100% of the time so far. AND we have managed to grab hilarious videos of the dogs while we are away.

Great Product

I bought 3 nest cams to monitor my vacation home in South Lake Tahoe when we are not there. I’m not the most electronics literate guy, but after downloading the nest cam app. It was so easy to place them, and connect them wirelessly.

They are easy to operate and I also connected them to my wife’s phone so she can watch our house as well. They truly are one of the best things I’ve ever purchased. I strongly encourage anyone who is investigating a wireless cam system to buy Nest.

Good Product

The picture is excellent as is the sound. Setup is very easy and the Nest Cam Security Camera work pretty reliably. However, a few things make this a tough four star rating. First, the cloud storage subscriptions are ridiculous. They would make far more money selling more subscriptions if they would change their pricing structure. It’s very expensive. Secondly, the effective range with a typical router from Verizon, Comcast, whomever is pretty short. I had to relocate my router twice to get everything to work and this is a small home. If you have a long ranch or large two story you’ll really need to consider Nest Cam Security Camera placement as to keep things close to the router.

Outstanding Purchase

After extensive searching for a camera system that would work and not cost me $600 I landed on this Nest Indoor Camera. While waiting on the shipment I loaded the app on my iPhone, signed up, and had an account (maybe a 5 min process). When the camera came in it took me 3 min start to finish. This included unboxing, scanning the QR code, and placing the camera. Wow, let me tell you…. This is an amazing camera for the everyday person that wants to view/record inside. Money well spent!


Clear Picture And Sound

This is great, clear picture and sound. You can see and control everything from your phone or tablet or computer. Notifications can be sent via phone or email when motion or sound is detected. Camera is very easy to set up, plug in all the cords, download the app, plug the camera into the computer to complete set up and done!

You can even speak from the camera thru the app! Since you can already hear what’s going on, they just reply like you were in the room.

Great Product

Our niece told us about the Nest camera. She is a care giver and used the camera to be able to “see” her father-in-law when she has to be out for a few minutes. This is what I’m using it for also. I thought I was going to have to find someone to sit with my husband any time I needed to do an errand. The Nest camera has given both my husband and I more independence. With the app on the smart phone, I now know when my husband is trying to move around the room. I can watch him, check in after a few minutes and/or see if he needs help. The ability to use a microphone to talk to him is also invaluable. This product has really met a need in our lives.

Negative Reviews

Good But A Few Flaws

I purchased two Nest cameras after doing a lot of research. I had other Nest products, so this made buying Nest more of a known quantity. It was (what I thought) to be the best solution for me, which was to provide a level of security, and also monitor pets while away. A decent investment, but not a replacement for a security system.


Undoubtedly well made: these are solid metal frames with tightly-fitting camera bezels and strong mounting magnets. Flawless set-up. Compatible with nearly every hub and system out there.


Not very fine resolution, recurring subscription cost


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