Despite Mixed Response New Apple Macbook Pro Is Selling Like Crazy

Despite Mixed Response New Apple Macbook Pro Is Selling Like Crazy

Apple macbook pro was launched in October. It is the new 13 and 15 inches pros, they are thinner and more powerful than before. It has received way more critical responses but still is selling like crazy!

The one thing people are criticizing it about was its USB-C ports which Apple tried to solve by reducing the prices of its accessories and dongles.
Along with many different and better features like larger touchpad, better and more colorful screen, faster graphics, high-quality speakers, even much smaller charger which definitely won’t acquire much of your space and also there is a addition of the ‘Touch ID’ sensor which is right above the delete key; but the most important addition in this Apple macbook pro is the Touch Bar. The touch bar is actually an OLED screen right above the keypad with touch screen which allows the user to access the data much more easily, use safari and adjust the volume and brightness in seconds. 

This may be good news for the people who uses their computers 24×7 as they get easy and fast access to every app they are using. The bad news here is that Macbook Pro with touch bar is quite pricey; the 13-inch pro is $1,799 and the 15-inch pro is $2,399 (here you go!) Although if you are looking for a macbook pro without the touch bar is actually cheaper than that and it comes along with all the good features like better screen, audio, battery and more.

With so many pros of the touchbar, it also has some cons- It is mainly unnecessary because of course the people who spend their whole day using chrome, and software like word, PowerPoint, excel doesn’t really feel the need to use the touchbar. If you are investing like $1,799 on something; you will look for something that will be useful for you and not just something that you won’t ever touch (touchbar that is).

The second con of the macbook pro is the dongle. No one likes it, no one! Because searching for a small cable in a huge bag full of stuff is actual pain. Users find it way amusing to use different better ways to connect their hard drives to their computers.

Despite all of this, Macbook Pro is selling really well and has sold out all of its Windows-based competitors.

According to a new research by Slice Intelligence, sales of the new macbook pro have surpassed the sales of many different competitor companies such as Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Microsoft (of course) in less than a week! It even has surpassed the sales of Apple’s Macbook which was once (and still is) users favorite gadget; it has been available in the field since April 2005.
Apple’s senior VP also stated that the rate of online orders for macbook pro had more orders than ever before.


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